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Lanoxin (Digoxin)

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Lanoxin is an effective medication which is used in treatment of certain types of fast heartbeats such as atrial fibrillation or fluttering arrhythmia and heart failure. It also treats angina. This drug can also be used after heart attack.

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Also known as:  Digoxin.


Lanoxin target is struggle against certain types of fast heartbeats such as atrial fibrillation or fluttering arrhythmia and heart failure. It is also treats angina. This drug can also be used after heart attack. The effectiveness of Lanoxin is in keeping the heart rhythm under control and to make heart work better (regularly and strongly). It is cardiac (or digitalis) glycosides.

Generic name of Lanoxin is Digoxin.

Lanoxin is also known as Digoxin, Digitalis, Digitek, Lanoxicaps.

Brand names of Lanoxin are Lanoxicaps, Lanoxin, Cardoxin, Digitek, Lanoxin Elixir Pediatric.


Take Lanoxin tablets (0.25 mg), capsules and pediatric elixir (liquid) orally.

Elderly people (> 65 years) should take the lowest dose.

Take Lanoxin at the same time once a day with water.

Do not crush or chew it.

If you want to achieve most effective results do not stop taking Lanoxin suddenly.


If you overdose Lanoxin and you don't feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately. Symptoms of Lanoxin overdosage: confusion, irregular heartbeats, nausea, seizures, vomiting, extremely fast or slow heartbeats, hallucinations, tiredness, problems with vision, diarrhea, lack of appetite.


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F) away from moisture, light and heat. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Lanoxin are:

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Side effect occurrence does not only depend on medication you are taking, but also on your overall health and other factors.


Do not take Lanoxin if you are allergic to Lanoxin components.

Do not take Lanoxin if you're pregnant or you plan to have a baby, or you are a nursing mother.

Be careful with Lanoxin if you are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement.

Be careful with Lanoxin in case of taking medicines as a steroid medicine (prednisone (such as Deltasone), methylprednisolone (such as Medrol), prednisolone (such as Prelone, Pediapred), dexamethasone (such as Decadron)); a cancer chemotherapy drug; amphotericin B (such as Fungizone); indomethacin (such as Indocin); rifampin (such as Rifadin, Rimactane); cholestyramine (such as Questran, Prevalite) or colestipol (such as Colestid); a thyroid medication; a beta-blocker (atenolol (such as Tenormin), propranolol (such as Inderal), acebutolol (such as Sectral), metoprolol (such as Lopressor), carteolol (such as Cartrol), labetalol (such as Normodyne, Trandate) or nadolol (such as Corgard)); a diuretic (hydrochlorothiazide (such as HCTZ, HydroDiuril, others), chlorothiazide (such as Diuril), chlorthalidone (such as Hygroton, Thalitone), furosemide (such as Lasix), torsemide (such as Demadex), bumetanide (such as Bumex), ethacrynic acid (such as Edecrin), triamterene (such as Dyrenium, Maxzide, Dyazide), amiloride (such as Midamor), spironolactone (such as Aldactone), eplerenone (such as Inspra)); metoclopramide (such as Reglan); tetracycline (such as Broadspec, Emtet, Panmycin, Sumycin, Tetracap); erythromycin (such as E.E.S., E-Mycin, Eryc, Ery-Tab, PCE) or clarithromycin (such as Biaxin); sulfasalazine (such as Azulfidine); sulfasalazine (such as Azulfidine); another medicines for irregular heartbeats (quinidine (such as Quinidex, Quinora, Cardioquin), amiodarone (such as Cordarone) or propafenone (such as Rythmol)); itraconazole (such as Sporanox); a calcium channel blocker (diltiazem (such as Cardizem, Dilacor XR, Tiazac), amlodipine (such as Norvasc), felodipine (such as Plendil), nifedipine (such as Procardia, Adalat), verapamil (such as Verelan, Calan, Isoptin, Covera-HS)), an antacid or laxative that contains aluminum, magnesium or kaolin-pectin (such as Maalox, Rolaids, Mylanta, Milk of Magnesia).

Be careful with Lanoxin if you have allergies to medicines, foods, or other substances.

Be careful with Lanoxin if you suffer from or have a history of thyroid disease, cancer, kidney disease, heart arrhythmias.

Use Lanoxin with great care in case you want to undergo an operation (dental or any other).

Elderly people (> 65 years) should take the lowest dose.

Avoid alcohol.

Avoid machine driving.

Do not stop taking Lanoxin suddenly.

lanoxin 50 mg

We reviewed the post-mortem records of the Batticaloa Teaching Hospital and extracted data on all cases of fatal injury.

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Amiodarone and sotalol facilitated successful electrocardioversion, which could be achieved in a stepwise fashion. Upon achievement of successful electrocardioversion, amiodarone is superior to placebo, and sotalol has a lesser effect. Antiarrhythmic drugs had no effect on the total number of energy step use in patients who had successful electrocardioversion. Calcium channel blockers had no influence on the success rate in achieving sinus rhythm. Successful electrocardioversion was associated with lower BMI and AF history < or =1 year. Lower energy use was associated with biphasic shocks, lower BMI, and AF duration < or =1 year.

lanoxin 25 mg

The results suggest that digoxin appears, through calcium-triggered signals, to reverse the reduced expression of PPARδ in H9c2 cells caused by HG treatment.

lanoxin drug class

The mean number of drugs used was 4.6: 4.5 drugs for nondemented and 4.8 for demented subjects. Nondemented subjects more commonly used cardiovascular-system drugs and demented subjects used nervous-system drugs. Demented subjects were more commonly exposed to drug duplication and to drugs with potent anticholinergic properties, both involving the use of psychotropic drugs. Nondemented subjects were more commonly exposed to potential drug-disease interactions, mostly with the use of cardiovascular drugs. The most common drug combination leading to a potential interaction was the use of digoxin with furosemide, occurring more frequently among nondemented subjects. The most common drug-disease interaction was the use of beta-blockers and calcium antagonists in subjects with congestive heart failure. The doses of drugs taken by both nondemented and demented subjects were mostly lower than the defined daily dose.

lanoxin mg

Improvements in equipment and diagnostic skills mean that more abnormalities can now be detected antenatally, thus increasing the demand for pregnancy termination at later stages of gestation. Potassium chloride injected into the fetal circulation is the most frequently used procedure. In this study, we propose a new method of feticide using injection of normal saline into the fetal pericardial space to induce cardiac tamponade, resulting in late fetal reduction with minimal maternal risk.

lanoxin drug classification

A 15-year-old, Standardbred broodmare with an aortic sinus aneurysm developed rupture of the aneurysm with subsequent rupture of a tricuspid valve chorda tendinae, tricuspid regurgitation, acute right-sided congestive heart failure, and pulmonary thromboembolism. Shunting of blood from the aorta through the ruptured aneurysm into the right ventricle resulted in decreased renal perfusion and acute renal failure. Initially, treatment of the mare with analgesics, fluids, and digoxin resulted in clinical improvement, but the mare's condition deteriorated after 8 days and the mare was euthanatized due to unrelenting pain and a poor prognosis. Echocardiography was useful in diagnosis of the cardiac disease in the broodmare.

lanoxin drug guide

We retrospectively analyzed the records of 80 patients who had atrial fibrillation during the postoperative period after cardiac surgery, initially divided in two groups: group A, 28 patients that used amiodarone, and group B composed of patients receiving digoxin. The latter group was divided further in a third group (C), with 21 patients in which amiodarone was associated with digoxin if there was no reversion of the arrhythmia after 48 hours of treatment. The observed differences were considered significant at P < 0.05.

lanoxin 500 mg

A significant serum level of digoxin-like immunoreactive substance (DLIS) (greater than or equal to 0.5 ng/ml) has been found in healthy full-term neonates, in prematurely born neonates as well as in full-term but small for gestational age neonates. Neither the babies nor their mothers had received digoxin therapy. On the first day of life, the incidence of serum levels of DLIS greater than or equal to 0.5 ng/ml in the three groups of neonates were respectively 64% (32/50), 42% (8/19) and 77% (10/13). Longitudinal measurements in preterm and small for gestational age neonates indicate a progressive disappearance of DLIS from their serum, none of them having a significant serum level at 21 days of age. As long as the chemical structure, origin and physiological properties of DLIS remain unknown, clinicians must be cautious in interpreting the serum levels of digoxin used for therapeutical purpose in neonates.

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The effect of canrenone, an antialdosterone and partial ouabain-agonist drug, was studied in rats that developed volume expansion and hypertension after renal mass reduction and excess Na+ intake (RRM-salt). The RRM-salt was characterized by: (1) increased endogenous "digitalis-like" compounds in plasma [cross reactivity with digoxin-antibodies (57.5 +/- 5.0 vs. 42.1 +/- 3.8 pg/ml, p less than 0.02); inhibition of kidney Na+, K+-ATPase activity (135 +/- 5 vs. 154 +/- 5 mumol/mg/h, p less than 0.01); and inhibition of Na+ extrusion from normal erythrocytes (5.96 +/- 0.40 vs. 7.68 +/- 0.34 mmol/L cells/h, p less than 0.01)]; (2) reduced Na+, K+-pump activity (7.34 +/- 0.29 vs. 10.88 +/- 0.41 mmol/L cells/h, p less than 0.001) and increased Na+ content (4.66 +/- .08 vs. 4.16 +/- 0.11 mmol/L cells, p less than 0.01) in erythrocytes; and (3) low plasma renin activity (2.1 +/- 0.9 vs. 12.6 +/- 1.6 ng/ml/h). Ninety minutes after the administration to RRM-salt of a single oral dose of 60 mg/kg of canrenone, the systolic blood pressure decreased by 36 +/- 4 mm Hg (mean +/- SEM). Chronic canrenone administration (60 mg/kg/day) resulted in a marked antihypertensive effect associated to a correction of volume expansion, a decrease in endogenous "digitalis-like" compounds, and a partial recovery of Na+, K+-pump activity and Na+ content in erythrocytes. Our results suggest that the antihypertensive effect in RRM-salt rats results, at least in part, from antagonism with endogenous "digitalis-like" compounds.

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Commonly prescribed medications and over-the-counter supplements may influence prognosis among prostate cancer patients. Further well-designed pharmacoepidemiologic studies and randomized controlled trials of selected medications in appropriate patient groups are necessary before these drugs can bear new indications for prostate cancer treatment. We discuss considerations when deciding about use of these drugs in clinical practice at the present time.

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Digoxin-specific antibody fragments (DSFab) are used for the treatment of poisoning by cardiac glycosides, such as pharmaceutical digoxin. Dosing of this therapy for chronic and acute poisonings is based on the steady-state serum concentrations of digoxin, historical data in acute ingestions, or empiric regimens purportedly based on the average requirements. Empiric dosing for adult patients involves utilization of 3-6 vials for chronic poisoning and 10-20 vials for acute poisoning. The aim of this study was to describe the average dosing requirements based on the steady-state serum concentration of digoxin or historical data and compare this with the empiric dosing regimens. We performed a retrospective analysis of cases over an 11-year period presented to the Illinois Poison Center where administration of DSFab was recommended. We identified 140 cases of chronic digoxin poisoning and 26 cases or acute digoxin poisoning for analysis. The average dose of DSFab recommended in the cases of chronic digoxin poisoning was 3.05 vials (SD ± 1.31). The average dose of DSFab recommended in the cases of acute digoxin poisoning was 6.33 vials (SD ± 5.26). These values suggest that empiric dosing regimens may overestimate the need for DSFab in cases of both chronic and acute poisonings of pharmaceutical digoxin.

lanoxin overdose symptoms

In order to improve patient safety, systematic analysis of common and repetitive patterns of preventable adverse drug reactions (pADRs) in the clinical setting should be performed regularly in order to propose adequate prevention strategies. Our aim is to evaluate the preventability of all ADRs collected in a drug information research center database, by spontaneous reporting and clinical surveillance in two internal medicine departments. One reviewer systematically reevaluated all the cases stored in the database. ADRs were deemed preventable if they were due to: a contraindication, an inadequate dose, a drug interaction, an inappropriate prescribing decision for the patient's condition, inadequate monitoring, self-medication, or non-adherence to therapy. Out of 251 ADRs evaluated, 103 (41 %) were considered preventable. Out of the total pADRs, 86.4 % were serious. The most frequent adverse outcomes affected the gastrointestinal system (21.4 %), followed by the renal (11.6 %), metabolic (10.7 %), vascular (10.7 %) and hepatic (6.8 %) systems. Acenocoumarol (28 %), diclofenac (12.6 %), digoxin and furosemide accounted for more than 50 % of all preventable reports. One of up to three factors was involved in the preventability of the analyzed reports. Drug-drug interactions were the cause of 49.5 % of the pADRs. Inappropriate dose accounted for 17.5 % reports out of the total pADRs, inappropriate monitoring for 9.7 % reports, history of allergy to drug or drug class for 5.8 % reports and administration of a contraindicated drug for 4.8 % reports. Identifying prevalent pADRs in this study indicates a clear target for prevention strategies: drug prescription, with a special emphasis on drug interactions.

lanoxin elixir dosage

Our results suggest that digoxin treatment increases the risk of invasive breast cancer among postmenopausal women.

lanoxin 2 mg

When taken together, these studies show that NHE-1 inhibition attenuates the hypertrophic effect of cardiac glycosides without affecting inotropic parameters and suggest a possible approach to limiting glycoside-induced hypertrophic responses while preserving therapeutic, i.e. inotropic, actions.

lanoxin en alcohol

1. A ouabain-displacing factor (ODF) was measured in the urine of non-pregnant, normotensive pregnant and hypertensive pregnant women by a receptor-binding assay with sodium, potassium-dependent adenosine triphosphatase. 2. Urinary ODF was significantly increased in normal pregnancy. 3. Greater increases were seen in pregnancy-induced hypertension and pre-eclampsia.

lanoxin review

Twenty-one children with EFE were randomly divided into two groups: (1) treated with traditional regimen (digoxin, prednisone and/or diuretics) (n = 10); (2) treated with carvedilol plus traditional regimen (n = 11). Measurement of plasma concentration of BNP by ELISA, cardiac function by ultrasound were performed before and after 6 months of treatment. The changes in clinical symptom, heart rate, heart function, side effect and maximal tolerance dose after treatment with carvedilol were observed.

lanoxin tab

Flecainide acetate has a recognized proarrhythmic effect in patients treated for ventricular tachycardia. Three patients developed severe ventricular arrhythmias while taking flecainide for atrial fibrillation. Patient 1 had normal ventricular function and idiopathic atrial fibrillation. Treadmill exercise tests during digoxin therapy showed no ventricular arrhythmia; however, during flecainide therapy the patient developed ventricular flutter at his peak exercise level that required cardioversion. Patient 2 had normal ventricular function and a prosthetic mitral valve. During therapy with flecainide, 150 mg twice daily, he had an episode of sustained ventricular tachycardia, also at his peak exercise level. Patient 3 had paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but no previous ventricular arrhythmia. She died suddenly within 10 days of starting flecainide therapy. Judged from previous findings none of these patients was considered at high risk for proarrhythmia. These cases suggest a possible relation between vigorous exercise, atrial fibrillation, and the proarrhythmic properties of flecainide and indicate the limitations of classifying patients as "high-risk" or "low-risk" for proarrhythmic complications of anti-arrhythmic therapy.

is lanoxin generic

Even after implementation of current clinical guidelines, addition of spironolactone therapy provides an opportunity to further reduce the large clinical and economic burden of patients with heart failure.

lanoxin drug information

Polarized cellular systems coexpressing Ad3A4, AdRed, and the MDR1/Pgp transporter were developed and characterized. The results document the utility of these polarized model systems for simultaneous drug transport/drug metabolism studies. Since the experimental approach can be adapted to study the interplay of multiple enzyme/ transporting systems, it may find significant application as a screening tool for the pharmaceutical industry and as a more basic research tool to study the kinetics of intestinal drug bioavailability.

lanoxin drug study

A case of serial killing by poisoning by a 59-year-old practical nurse is discussed. Following a report by an emergency-room doctor of an attempted murder, police performed an investigation into all deaths of patients in the nurse's care. Earlier, a medico-legal cause-of-death investigation had been performed on two of these cadavers, but in the other three cases the death certificate had been issued after a medical investigation only. In two of these latter cases, the body had been cremated, but fixed histological samples taken at medical autopsy were available, while in one case the person had died recently and the body was thereafter exhumed and autopsied. All of the suspected victims were older people who required nursing, and the nurse's course of action was consistent in all cases. In the absence of ordinary post-mortem toxicology samples in the medical cases, extraordinary evidence--paraffin-embedded liver tissue samples originally taken for histology at autopsy--was successfully recovered in two cases and analyzed for drugs. In all five cases, drugs not prescribed to the patient were detected, including digoxin, dixyrazine, citalopram, venlafaxine, and benzodiazepines (diazepam, chlordiazepoxide, temazepam, and oxazepam). The nurse was eventually found guilty of five murders by poisoning, five attempted murders, and three aggravated assaults. The nurse was sentenced to life imprisonment.

lanoxin tablet dosage

No studies have been conducted on rational drug use among children in Uzbekistan. This study aimed to analyze drug uses based on pharmaco-epidemiologic (PE) data from Regional Children's Multi-Profile Medical Centre (RCMPMC) in Andijan, Uzbekistan. Our study assessed drug usage in children with cardiovascular (CV) diseases, without intervening in the treatment processes or in the course of the diseases.

lanoxin dosage administration

(1) The treatment aims in atrial fibrillation are to reduce patients' symptoms and to prevent both embolism and deterioration of any underlying heart disease. Therapy consists of anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs, treatment of any underlying heart disease, and heart rate control. (2) Digoxin, betablockers, diltiazem and verapamil slow the heart rate but rarely restore sinus rhythm. Amiodarone, disopyramide, flecainide, quinidine and sotalol can be used to prevent relapse of atrial fibrillation after electrical cardioversion, but they all have potentially serious adverse effects. New trials of antiarrhythmic treatments have been published since our last review of this subject. (3) In one trial in 403 patients, amiodarone was more effective than sotalol and propafenone in restoring and maintaining sinus rhythm. After 15 months of follow-up, there were fewer strokes among patients treated with amiodarone, but there was no difference between the three drugs in the overall incidence of cardiovascular events. (4) A clinical trial with 4060 patients compared rhythm control (mainly with amiodarone, sotalol or propafenone; sometimes combined with electrical cardioversion) and rate control (with digoxin, betablocker, diltiazem or verapamil; systematically combined with anticoagulant therapy). The antiarrhythmic treatment restored sinus rhythm in more than half the patients in the long term. But rhythm control did not reduce the risk of death or serious cardiovascular events during a mean follow-up period of 3.5 years. Rhythm control caused more adverse events than rate control; subgroup analyses (weak evidence) suggest that rhythm control may also have caused more deaths among patients over 65 and among patients with coronary heart disease. (5) In another trial, electrical cardioversion followed by antiarrhythmic therapy (mainly sotalol) sustainably restored sinus rhythm in more than one-third of 522 patients. But, compared with rate control treatment plus anticoagulant therapy, rhythm control did not reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, and was associated with a larger number of serious adverse cardiac effects. (6) Other recent trials confirm the risk of serious adverse effects, including severe arrhythmia with sotalol (especially at the start of treatment), and adverse thyroid and pulmonary effects with amiodarone. (7) Combined radiofrequency ablation and cardiac stimulation improved symptoms in some patients with incapacitating atrial fibrillation who had not responded to other treatments. However, this approach carries a risk of serious adverse effects, and its impact on the risk of cardiovascular events and death is not known. (8) In practice, an attempt should be made to restore sinus rhythm with amiodarone and/or electrical cardioversion, in symptomatic, recent or paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in patients under 65 who have no signs or symptoms of coronary heart disease. In other situations, rate control is the first-line option, using digoxin, betablockers (other than sotalol) or calcium channel blockers (diltiazem or verapamil). Whatever the option, treatment must be combined with anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy, and with treatment of any underlying heart disease.

lanoxin generic

Only double-blinded randomised controlled trials of diuretic therapy comparing one diuretic with placebo, or one diuretic with another active agent (e.g. ACE inhibitors, digoxin) in patients with chronic heart failure were eligible for inclusion.

lanoxin loading dose

This intervention resulted in a reduction in drug use with no change in morbidity indices or survival. Differences in nursing home characteristics, as defined by cluster analysis with SUDAAN, negated intervention-related apparent significant improvements in survival. The use of benzodiazepines, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, laxatives, histamine H2-receptor antagonists and antacids was significantly reduced in the intervention group, whereas the use of digoxin and diuretics remained similar to controls. Overall, drug use in the intervention group was reduced by 14.8% relative to the controls, equivalent to an annual prescription saving of A64 dollars per resident (approximately 25 pound sterling).

lanoxin recommended dose

Analyses of the pharmacokinetics of digoxin were conducted using the nonlinear mixed-effects modelling (NONMEM®) software, a computer program designed to analyse pharmacokinetics in study populations by allowing pooling of data. Steady-state data (140 observations) obtained by routine therapeutic drug monitoring following repeated oral administration of digoxin in 94 hospitalized elderly patients (age ≥65 years) were analysed to establish the role of patient characteristics in estimating doses of digoxin for elderly patients.

lanoxin drug medication

This study was performed to test the effect of dialysis-induced acute modifications of plasma volume and sodium pool on red blood cell (RBC) ion transport in patients with end-stage renal disease. This approach confirmed the presence of an Na-K pump inhibitor in the plasma of uremic patients with extracellular fluid volume expansion. This factor cross-reacts with digoxin antibodies, and its concentration decreases during dialysis; this explains the increased activity of the RBC Na-K pump that is consistently observed during dialysis.

lanoxin tablets

Placenta tissues from obese and lean women were collected. Female C57BL mice were fed with either a normal chow diet or a high-fat diet for 12 weeks before mating and throughout pregnancy. Maternal plasma glucose, HDL-C, LDL-C, TC, TGs, insulin, IL-1β, IL-6 and TNF-α concentrations was detected. Placental ABCB1/Abcb1a/Abcb1b/IL-1β/IL-6/TNF-α mRNA and P-gp/IL-1β/IL-6/TNF-α protein expression were determined by real-time quantitative PCR and western-blot, respectively. Maternal plasma and fetal-unit digoxin concentrations were detected by a commercial kit assay.

lanoxin elixir dose

In managing atrial fibrillation, the main therapeutic strategies include rate control, termination of the arrhythmia, and pr vention of recurrences and thromboembolic events. Rate control with digoxin, b-blockers, verapamil, and diltiazem may be preferred in drug refractory and sedentary patients with markedly dilated left atrium and atrial fibrillation of long duration. Drugs useful in the maintenance of sinus rhythm include quinidine, procainamide, disopyramide, sotalol, amiodarone, dofetilide, flecainide, and propafenone. In patients with structural heart disease, the class III antiarrhythmics are the initial drugs of choice, given their neutral effects on survival in a post-myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure population. Due to high recurrence rates with pharmacologic therapy, nonpharmacologic options of therapy include atrioventricular junction ablation, atrial defibrillators, catheter ablation of pulmonary vein foci, and attempts to perform an atrial Maze procedure using catheters. Hybrid therapy using drugs in combination with nonpharmacologic approaches will be used more frequently in the future for refractory patients.

lanoxin overdose death

Initially, the patients had a 23.9% increase in the levels of factors VII and X, a 14.3% decrease of antithrombin III, 29.8 and 227.6% rise in concentrations of fibrinogen and SFMC, respectively, compared to controls. Aftertreatment values of fibrinogen, factors VII and X, SFMC fell by 21.1, 17 and 35.5%, respectively. The thrombin time arose by 17.9% (p > 0.05). Insignificant inhibition was registered in the activity of acid phosphotase and gamma-GT. Glucose, AST, ALT, LDH levels remained unchanged. Plasma creatinine tended to lowering. Total cholesterol insignificantly increased at high levels of HDL cholesterol (p > 0.05) and reduced levels of triglycerides (p > 0.05).

lanoxin dosage iv

Since the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a single dose of warfarin and the steady-state pharmacokinetics of digoxin were not affected by coadministration of solifenacin in healthy subjects, the need for dosing adjustments for digoxin and/or warfarin does not seem warranted.

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lanoxin loading dose 2015-02-10

Hospitalized elderly patients buy lanoxin taking digitoxin had a lower rate of toxicity than those taking digoxin.

lanoxin online 2016-10-11

The aim of this study is to analize retrospectively the efficacy of continuous intravenous epoprostenol (synthetic prostacyclin) therapy in pulmonary buy lanoxin arterial hypertension, and to compare it with conventional therapy (anticoagulants, digoxin and diuretics).

lanoxin drug card 2016-09-22

This subgroup analysis buy lanoxin indicated that landiolol was more useful, regardless of patient characteristics, as compared with digoxin in AF/AFL patients complicated with LV dysfunction. Particularly, in patients with impaired renal function, landiolol should be preferred for the purpose of acute rate control of AF/AFL tachycardia.

lanoxin overdose death 2017-12-28

Although digoxin-like immunoreactive substance levels rise in pregnancy, functional digitalis-like factor activity, as manifested by inhibition of buy lanoxin ATPase, does not parallel this rise strictly, implying that digoxin-like immunoreactive substance receptors may be reset during normal pregnancy. The enhanced cardiac performance that occurs in normal pregnancy may be mediated in part by increased digitalis-like factor activity.

lanoxin overdose symptoms 2015-11-04

The plantain products studied did not interfere with therapeutic drug monitoring of digoxin as well as 13 other buy lanoxin commonly monitored drugs.

lanoxin drug indication 2015-08-11

To determine the effect of the digoxin-quinidine interaction on buy lanoxin rate of in-hospital digitalis toxicity.

lanoxin 125 mg 2017-05-17

Transporters, expressed in various tissues, govern buy lanoxin the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs, and consequently their inherent safety and efficacy profiles. Drugs may interact with a transporter as a substrate and/or an inhibitor. Understanding transporter-mediated drug-drug interactions (DDIs), in addition to enzyme-mediated DDIs, is an integral part of risk assessment in drug development and regulatory review because the concomitant use of more than one medication in patients is common.

lanoxin drug study 2016-03-29

Leptin is a 16 kDa hormone that is produced by adipose tissue and has a central effect on food intake and energy homeostasis. The ability of leptin to cross the blood-brain and blood-cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) barriers and reach or leave the CNS was studied by the bilateral in situ brain perfusion and isolated incubated choroid plexus techniques in the rat. Brain perfusion results indicated that [(125)I]leptin reached the CNS at higher concentrations than the vascular marker, confirming that [(125)I]leptin crossed the brain barriers. Leptin distribution varied between CNS regions and indicated that the blood-brain barrier, in contrast to the blood-CSF route, was the key pathway for [(125)I]leptin to reach the brain. Further perfusion studies revealed that [(125)I]leptin movement into the arcuate nucleus, thalamus, frontal cortex, choroid plexuses and CSF was unaffected by unlabelled human or murine leptin at a concentration that reflects the upper human and rat plasma leptin concentration (2.5 nM). In contrast, the cerebellum uptake of [(125)I]leptin was decreased by 73% with 2.5 nM human leptin. Thus, this site of dense leptin buy lanoxin receptor expression would be sensitive to physiological changes in leptin plasma concentrations. The highest rate (K(in)) of [(125)I]leptin uptake was into the choroid plexuses (307.7+/-68.0 microl/min/g); however, this was not reflected in the CSF (8.9+/-4.1 microl/min/g) and indicates that this tissue tightly regulates leptin distribution. The multiple-time brain uptake of [(125)I]leptin was non-linear and suggested leptin could also be removed from the CNS. Studies using the incubated rat choroid plexus model found that [(125)I]leptin could cross the apical membrane of the choroid plexus to leave the CSF. However, this movement was not sensitive to unlabelled human leptin or specific transport inhibitors/modulators (including probenecid, digoxin, deltorphin II, progesterone and indomethacin).This study supports the concept of brain-barrier regulation of leptin distribution to the CNS, and highlights an important link between leptin and the cerebellum.

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The correlation between measured and predicted SDC calculated by the Konishi equation was significant (r=0.655, P<0.001) for the 72 patients overall; however, correlations within the different stages of renal function were nonsignificant, with a correlation found only in patients with stage 3 (30 mL per minute < creatinine clearance <60 mL per minute). With regard to the correlation between clearance of digoxin and creatinine clearance, our results show that although there was a significant correlation between clearance of digoxin buy lanoxin and creatinine clearance in the group overall, correlations were not evident within the different stages of renal function.

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Digoxin is often coadministered with carvedilol in children with severe ventricular failure. In eight children (age 2 weeks to 8 years), the oral clearance of digoxin decreased by half with carvedilol, and two of them had digoxin toxicity. Carvedilol increases serum concentrations of digoxin in children, and its dose buy lanoxin may need to be reduced to avoid toxicity.

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Digoxin-like immunoreactive substance (DLIS) has been detected in several patient populations that were not receiving digoxin, including those patients with end-stage renal disease. The structure and physiologic significance of this compound are unknown, and the fate of DLIS after renal transplantation has not been studied. The authors prospectively evaluated 163 patients (not receiving digoxin) before and after transplantation for the presence of DLIS. Three different assays were used: radioimmunoassay (RIA), affinity mediated immunoassay (ACA), and fluorescence polarization immunoassay (TDX I). Depending on the assay method used, 11% (RIA), 6% (ACA), and 9% (TDX) of patients had detectable DLIS pretransplant. Using all 3 assays, a total of 34 patients (21 buy lanoxin %) were found to have DLIS. The mean serum digoxin concentration was 0.41 +/- 0.13 ng/mL (range: 0.2-1.2 ng/mL) and DLIS was detectable by greater than 1 assay method in seven patients. DLIS persisted longer in patients who had delayed allograft function (13.7 +/- 7 days) than in those who did not (3 +/- 1.9 days), P less than .05. In summary, detection of DLIS in renal transplant recipients appears to be an infrequent occurrence when using a single digoxin assay method. When detected, the concentration of DLIS is often below the usual therapeutic range for digoxin and disappears once allograft function is established. The authors conclude that the presence of DLIS is unlikely to be clinically significant in the renal transplant population.

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Among twenty isolated cardenolides, compounds 1, 3, 4, 6-8, 14 and 17 exhibited stronger HIF-1 inhibitory activities than that of digoxin, a well-known HIF-1 inhibitor (P<0.001). These eight cardenolides inhibited HIF-1 transcriptional activity in a dose-dependent manner with IC50 values in nanomolar potency (21.8-64.9nM). An analysis of SAR revealed the great contributions of a β-configuration of the substituents at positions of C-2' and C-3', an aldehydic moiety on C-19, and the dioxane moiety between the aglycone and sugar parts of cardenolides to the HIF-1 inhibitory activity. In contrast, a hydroxyl group at any positions of C-15, C-16 and C-4' of cardenolides showed negative effects on suppressing HIF-1 transcriptional activity. In addition, these eight cardenolides also exhibited potent cytotoxic effects against human breast cancer cell MCF-7 (IC50 values ranged from 30.5 to 68.8nM), but less toxic effects to human normal mammary buy lanoxin epithelial cell MCF-10A (IC50 values >20µM).

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Serum creatinine Ventolin Reviews and potassium were evaluated in 72.3% of patients during a 13 month period. The likelihood of potassium and creatinine monitoring was greater among patients who were older (OR 1.28; 95% CI 1.17 to 1.41 per decade of life); male (OR 1.25; 95% CI 1.01 to 1.54); had diabetes (OR 1.63; 95% CI 1.31 to 2.03); received concomitant therapy with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors/angiotensin receptor blockers (OR 2.23; 95% CI 1.74 to 2.87), potassium supplements (OR 1.96; 95% CI 1.51 to 2.54), or digoxin (OR 2.10 95% CI 1.48 to 2.98); or had more outpatient visits (OR 1.31; 95% CI 1.19 to 1.44). Among patients with heart failure (n = 790), factors associated with the incidence of laboratory testing were diabetes (OR 1.64, 95% CI 1.14 to 2.34), outpatient visits (OR 1.20; 95% CI 1.02 to 1.41), and digoxin therapy (OR 2.26; 95% CI 1.38 to 3.69).

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Pulmonary arterial hypertension is a devastating disease. Before the 1990s, when pharmacologic treatment was finally approved, only supportive therapy was available, consisting of anticoagulation, digoxin, diuretics, and supplemental oxygen. Calcium channel blocker therapy was also an option, but only a small percentage of patients respond to it. However, starting with epoprostenol in 1996, the number of drugs approved to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension increased. Three distinct classes of drugs were developed based on the pathophysiology of the disease: the prostanoids, endothelin-1 receptor antagonists, and phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. The prostanoids are administered either parenterally or by inhalation to replace the lack of prostacyclin within the pulmonary arterial vasculature. The endothelin-1 receptor antagonists were the first class of oral drugs to be developed, but drug interactions and adverse effects are prominent with this class. The phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors increase the second messenger cyclic guanosine monophosphate (GMP) that is induced by nitric oxide stimulation. All of the drugs within these three classes are distinct in and of themselves, and their clinical use requires in-depth knowledge of pulmonary arterial hypertension and its pathophysiology. Because these drugs have different mechanisms of action, combination therapy has shown promise in patients with severe disease Flomax 200 Mg , although data are still lacking. This article should serve as a practical guide for clinicians who encounter patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension and the drugs used for the treatment of this devastating disease.

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Congestive heart failure (CHF) is growing epidemiologic and clinical problem, and is the only common cardiovascular condition that is increasing in incidence, prevalence and mortality. During last years numerous clinical trial have been conduced evaluating the effect of various treatment procedures on clinical endpoints in patients with CHF. The major risk factor for CHF Urispas Tablet 1mg are hipertension and atherosclerotic vascular diseases, and now it is clear that aggressive treatment of hypertension and hyperlipidemia can be effective in preventing CHF. Treatment strategies for CHF are aimed at preventing and delaying progression of the disease and improving survival. In the treatment of CHF diuretics are at present the first drugs line for patients with fluid retention and are necessary to relieve symptoms but cannot halt progression or improve the prognosis of CHF. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE inhibitors) therapy has been shown to decrease mortality and progression of CHF and should be used early in patients with left ventricular dysfunction whether they have symptomatic or asymptomatic CHF. Digoxin therapy is associated with decrease in the risk of worsening CHF irrespective of rhythm, systolic function, severity of CHF or therapy with ACE inhibitors. In patients with symptomatic CHF due to systolic dysfunction the addition of diuretics and digoxin appears to reducing worsening CHF without improving survival. Other than digoxin oral inotropic agents (amrinone, pimobendan, vesnarinone, ibopamine) increase mortality in patients with CHF and have not improved symptom status and other clinical endpoints during long-term therapy. Hydralazine and isosorbide dinitrate administrated in combination are less effective alternative to ACE inhibitors. Beta-blockers and particular carvedilol may prolong survival and decrease worsening CHF when used in combination with digoxine, diuretics and ACE inhibitors. Beta-blockers therapy improve hemodynamics, LVEF and functional status patients with CHF and the ideal candidate for this therapy is stable patients with NYHA II-III CHF due to nonischemic cause. Calcium antagonists do not appear to be useful in patients with CHF, although amlodipine and mibefradil appears to be safe for treatment of angina or hypertension in this group. On the basis of current data, antiarrhythmic agents should not be given to patients with CHF free from arrhythmia but those with sustained ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation amiodaron appears to be safe.

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Atrial flutter (AFL) is the second most common type of tachyarrhythmia in the fetus and neonate. An atrial rate of 240 to 360 beats per minute, 2:1 atrioventricular conduction, and a "saw tooth" appearance on electrocardiogram (ECG) are characteristic. On echocardiogram, bilateral atrial dilatation is the most common finding. Treatment is dependent on the severity of symptoms; delivery is usually indicated in the case of fetal heart failure or hydrops fetalis, whereas postnatal AFL is most commonly treated with direct current cardioversion (DCC). This article presents an illustrative case in which the patient presented antenatally via abnormal nonstress testing and subsequent fetal echocardiogram that was concerning for AFL. Postnatal ECG confirmed this diagnosis and the patient received DCC on the day 2 Claritin Pills of birth, followed by digoxin and propranolol as maintenance therapy.

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Following administration of anti-digoxin Fab fragments, monitoring unbound digoxin concentrations may help ensure appropriate dosing, and prevent recrudescent toxicity. Ultrafiltration by using Centrifree Detrol Maximum Dosage system and measurement of digoxin in the ultrafiltrate is considered as reference technique. However, ultrafiltration method is cumbersome, costly, and some immunoassays are affected by matrix differences. Another approach is to analyse the serum directly by digoxin immunoassays without ultrafiltering it. The validity of results obtained depends on the architecture of the immunoassay and the amount of Fab in the sample. The old radioimmunoassays and usually the other competitive immunoassays give inaccurate results. The fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA) slightly underestimates the total digoxin concentrations. Total digoxin levels obtained at 24 hours and 48 hours after treatment permit measurement of the half-life of digoxin Fab complexes and can be used to estimate when the patient can be redigitalized, if necessary. The sequential immunoassays usually overestimate the free digoxin concentrations. The differences observed are >25% and cannot be explained solely by albumin binding (normal range, 20% +/- 5%). To date, ultrafiltration remains the best strategy for accurate determination of digoxin concentrations in the presence of antidigoxin Fab fragments.

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The efficacy and safety of ibutilide were studied in 200 patients with atrial flutter > 3 h in duration or atrial fibrillation 3 h to 90 days in duration. Patients were randomized to receive a single Zovirax 100 Mg intravenous dose of placebo or an infusion of ibutilide fumarate at 0.005, 0.010, 0.015 or 0.025 mg/kg body weight over 10 min. Conversion was defined as termination of the atrial arrhythmia during or within 60 min after infusion. Forty-one patients received placebo and 159 received ibutilide (0.005 mg/kg [n = 41], 0.010 mg/kg [n = 40], 0.015 mg/kg [n = 38] or 0.025 mg/kg [n = 40]).

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Patients treated with carvedilol had a significant improvement in functional class compared with the baseline values (P=0.001), with a decrease in the levels of cytokines (IL-6 [P=0.02] and TNF-alpha [P=0.02]). LVEF increased from 21.4+/-8.8% to 27.8+/-10.8% and RVEF increased from Tegretol Normal Dosage 28.8+/-4.2% to 36.3+/-2.6% in the carvedilol group (P=0.003).

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Medline, Toxline, and DART/ETIC searches; references of retrieved articles, pertinent databases and textbooks were also searched. Clomid Buy Online

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A randomized, double-blind study with a high dose of digoxin administered intravenously for conversion of atrial fibrillation (not due to haemodynamic alternations) to sinus rhythm, and for rate control in Viagra Like Drugs converters and non-converters was set up. Outcome measures were conversion within 12 h; time to conversion; early rate control; and stable slowing within 12 h.

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To assess whether brain ouabain-like activity (OLA) mediates the hypertensive effects of high sodium intake in Dahl salt-sensitive (Dahl S) rats, the effects of blockade of brain OLA on mean arterial pressure (MAP) and renal sympathetic nerve activity (RSNA) were evaluated in conscious Dahl salt-resistant (Dahl R) and Dahl S rats on a regular (120 mumol/g) or high sodium (1370 mumol/g) diet from 4 to 7 weeks of age. Dahl S rats given high sodium showed higher basal MAP and augmented responses of MAP and RSNA to air stress and to intracerebroventricular injection of the alpha 2-adrenergic receptor agonist guanabenz as compared with Dahl R rats or Dahl S rats given regular sodium. In contrast, the sympathoexcitatory and pressor responses to intracerebroventricular injection of ouabain (0.3 and 1.0 microgram) were markedly attenuated in Dahl S rats given high sodium. Intracerebroventricular preinjection of 0.3 microgram ouabain significantly enhanced blood pressure and RSNA responses to air stress and intracerebroventricular guanabenz in Dahl S Cialis Dosage Daily rats given regular sodium to the levels observed in Dahl S rats given high sodium. Intracerebroventricular digoxin-specific antibody Fab (DAF) fragments (132 micrograms/8 microL for 5 minutes) did not change basal MAP and RSNA during the first 4 hours after administration in Dahl S rats on a high sodium diet for 3 weeks. However, 18 hours after the injection of DAF fragments, basal MAP and RSNA were significantly decreased, reaching values for Dahl S rats on a regular sodium diet. The magnitude of increases or decreases in MAP and RSNA to air stress or intracerebroventricular guanabenz were significantly attenuated by the DAF fragments in Dahl S rats on a high sodium but not regular sodium diet. Concomitant intracerebroventricular infusion of DAF fragments (200 micrograms per day) prevented the development of hypertension after a high sodium diet in Dahl S rats and prevented an augmentation in pressor and sympathoexcitatory responses to air stress. After discontinuing the infusion of DAF fragments, resting MAP gradually increased to the high levels found in Dahl S rats given high sodium treated with gamma-globulins. These results support the concept that high sodium intake may cause hypertension in Dahl S rats by increasing endogenous brain OLA, thereby enhancing sympathetic outflow and basal blood pressure as well as sympathoexcitatory and pressor responses to stress.

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To document the prevalence of atrial fibrillation (AF) in the multiracial population of Malaysia Zovirax Topical Cost , and to describe the clinical features and management of these patients.

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In older patients with chronic diastolic heart failure, digoxin increased the risk of 30-day all-cause hospital admission, but not during longer follow-up. Although chance finding due to small sample size is possible, these data suggest that unlike in systolic heart failure, digoxin may not reduce 30-day all-cause hospitalization in Cialis 5mg Cost older diastolic heart failure patients.

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Pradigastat, a novel diacylglycerol acyltransferase-1 inhibitor, was evaluated for both pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) drug-drug interactions when co-administered with digoxin or warfarin in healthy subjects. This open-label study included two parallel subject cohorts each with three sequential treatment periods. Forty subjects were enrolled in the study with 20 subjects allocated to each cohort. PK and PD (PT/INR for warfarin only) samples were collected in each period. The statistical analysis results showed that the 90% CIs of the geometric mean ratios of digoxin, R-warfarin, and S-warfarin PK parameters (AUC and Cmax) were all within 0.80-1.25 interval. The 90% CIs of the geometric mean ratios of pradigastat PK parameters (AUC and Cmax) were within 0.80-1.25 interval when co-administered with warfarin; while co-administration with digoxin slightly reduced pradigastat exposure (∼ Lasix User Reviews 15%). The results also showed that 90% CIs of the geometric mean ratios of warfarin PD parameters (AUC(PT), PTmax, AUC(INR), and INRmax) were within 0.80-1.25 interval. Pradigastat and digoxin or warfarin had no relevant clinical PK or PD drug-drug interactions. Administration of pradigastat and warfarin or pradigastat and digoxin as a mono or combined treatment appears to be safe and tolerated.

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Secondary analysis of the Canadian Study of Health and Aging database, which is a national, representative, cross-sectional study of the epidemiologic distribution of dementia in elderly people in Canada.

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Elderly patients exposed to polypharmacy should be kept under intensified monitoring as they are at increased risk of clinically significant drug interactions.

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Predischarge initiation of carvedilol in stabilized patients hospitalized for HF improved the use of beta-blockade at 60 days without increasing side effects or length of stay. Predischarge initiation may be one approach to improve beta-blocker use in this population.